One of cyclades islands in Agean sea, about 200 km shoutest of greece’s mainland.


Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on an formerly single island and created the current caldera


This unique place has captured visitor’s imaginations of millennia and might have inspired the tales of atlantis.


Perched along the ridgeline is a gaggle of perfectly placed whitewashed villages, punctuated with azzure domes that make this place undeniably, one of greece’s scenic spots!


Naive by The Kooks


Yeah.. since i was in junior high school i really love listening to indie bands actually The Kooks is one of them but not the most. But this song is my favorite one from the kooks and “bad habit”. The kooks is indie rock band from uk. I don’t know i just love it, i love singing this song a lot till now even though this song is already old because it realised in 2006, at that time i was 6 years old i was still innocent and had no idea about those indie. So i knew this song and listened it when i start liking indie bands in junior high school and just become addicted . “Naive” is the most popular song from The Kooks.

Lyrics “Naive”

I’m not saying it was your fault
Although you could have done more
Oh you’re so naive yet so
How could this been done
By such a smiling sweetheart?
Oh, and your sweet and pretty face
In such an ugly word
For something so beautiful
Oh, that every time I look inside

I know, she knows that I’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be… Well, she’s still out to get me
And I know, she knows that I’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be… She’s still out to get me!

I may say it was your fault
Because I know you could have done more
Oh, you’re so naive yet so
How could this be done
By such a smiling sweetheart?
Oh, and your sweet and pretty face
In such an ugly word
For something so beautiful
That every time I look inside

I know, she knows that I’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be… Well, she’s still out to get me
And I know, she knows that I’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be… She’s still out to get me!

So how could this be done
By such a smiling sweetheart
You’re so naive yet so
You’re such an ugly thing
For someone so beautiful
That every time you’re on his side

I know, she knows that I’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be… Well, she’s still out to get me
And I know, she knows that I’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be… She’s still out to get me!

Just don’t let me down
Just don’t let me down
Hold on to your kite
Just don’t let me down
Just don’t let me down
Hold on to your kite
Just don’t let me down
Just don’t let me down
Hold on to this kite
Just don’t let me down

Base on my opinion and googling because at first i also didn’t know the meaning of this song i just listen and sing it because i enjoy the music. My perception of this song and all those confusing lyrics i have my own sight. So i think this song tell a story about cheating as the lyrics say “That every time you’re on his side” a girl that cheats on her boy and the boy has known it but he doesn’t want to bring it up as it’s said on the lyrics “I know, she knows that I’m not fond of asking”. And the boy says she’s so naive that she thinks the boy doesn’t know it.

Better Education for A Better Future


If we talk about “Education” here, we know exactly that education is realy really important thing in this country. Actually not only this country but all of the countries in this world need education. For what? of course for self-development to become someone who is qualified. Then why should we become somenone that is qualified? Because we are that gonna build, create, make, change the future to be a better one. Then how education in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a rich country. rich in natural resource, rich in cultures, rich in natural beauties. But pathetic in other hand that there are many people who has low moral awareness and poverty. Corruptors, criminals, human rights violators, even traffic jam violaters. Not to do honest, it is common, not to do right, it is common, do it for money, do it for value, there’s no sincere. Why all those people become liars and violaters is common? do we not ashamed toward other countries? or maybe it is also common. So that’s how education in Indonesia works right now. What does happen with our education? Instead of education should educate?

Education can we get from everywhere, but school is the best place we can learn everything like academic and non-academic. The government has required everyone to go to school and get a decent education. Because providing a proper education is the way to realise one of country goals that is contained in the preamble UUD 1945, namely the intellctual life of the nation. So, our duty as a student is study hard for our better future, for better life in Indonesia. But in fact we as a student not do our duty properly, right? unless we have awareness to be part of changing the future to be a better one. make proud of indonesia and loving your beautiful country. How? be a person of intellect.

So school should teach their student to be a good citizen such as beeing an honest person, creative, confident, brave, and competent. But the fact is school we meet is the place we only look for a high number. When we think to get all those high values we can get it from anywhere. yeaa this is so true. number is everything.

School should be the place we learn many things not only academic. School should be fun and of course educating. Mostly people do not like to go to school because they just feel like it’s their demands on their age. They do not love it. So how to make people love to go learning. Make them love their country so they’re going to do it with love. Because we want to make our country be prosperous, independent and advanced with all of the things we have. So then we shall be afraid and feel guilty to break the rules, to do bad things to this country, and do our responsibility as a good citizen.

I think school often makes the student feel stressed and tired. We go to school in the morning and arrive home in the evening just like a worker yet homework and the other stuffs. Mostly we take an additional course or tutoring becasue we’re not smart enough to chase the subjects we learn in school. how can it be like this? meanwhile in abroad there is no additional course or tutoring they just go to school and it has enough. Indeed as it should be. So what if additionl course or tutoring be reduced?can we learn it by ourselves?  Of course yes! we have books we just have to learn it by reading but what if the books do not work because we still do not get it in case indonesian people reading skill is low. So i think since elementary school had to be learnt reading skill and loving their country. they should make reading as their hobby, read a newspaper in the morning can improve our reading skill and our knowledge of course. But better anyway we just learn it untill we get it really well at school ask the teacher if you still do not get it and be active at class. And the teachers have to be patient with us. Then we can stay at home longer. So, we have time to cominicate with our family at home it’s also good for physicology.

And one more thing, creativity also that take a lot effects for a better future. Beacause in the next couple years Indonesia will be the country that’s gonna create something not only as a user. So, in education please don’t limit creativity and make us to be creative person.

My Holiday

Last semester break i spent it in my city and visited my relations in Jakarta with my family except my dad. I was a bit sad that he wasn’t able to join our vacation in case, every end of the year he wasn’t free yet from his job moreover he was getting busier.

After i received my rapor from school i knew that the next day was a start fresh to start the day which had been awaited by all of the students in the world… a long long free day from school stuffs yeaay! It’s called holiday… Even though i was not going to somewhere special like other people did in their vacation such went to abroad or maybe had trip to something unusual places that i’d never been before or visited nature things. Because going to my relations in jakarta  it’s just like an annual tradition in my family. But i had been very grateful to god that i got break time for awhile so i could breath more fresh air LOL.

Before i left to Jakarta i spent my holiday in my city…I’d ever had a plan to book a camp at eagle camp in dusun bambu, Lembang. Actually we could book it from a call but we wanted to survey the place before we make a deal. On the way to go there the traffic was very very terrible and suck it was so crowded by a car from Jakarta and there was standstill. It was awful! the routes to Lembang made me a little bit upset and when i saw on my GPS the routes were red which meant we better turned arround and just go back if you didn’t want to stuck there and continue the trip so you arrived the next morning lol no.. i was joking i’m being too much haha but i can say that.

So we turned arround and just went to the way back but we didn’t want to make this trip just wasted we decided to go to ciwalk to watch movie because i didn’t know where else we had to go that it wasn’t jammed and beside, ciwalk was passed for direction home. I didn’t know what movie that we would watch except star wars but i’d ever watched it so we decided to watch indonesian movie and it was not so good than hollywood movie of course.

The other day we had dinner with my dad before we went to jakarta because we would stay there longer and we gonna miss him.. We went to Takigawa it’s in dago pakar. we had a good time in there. After we’d been full we went home.

The next morning we woke up earlier in order to avoid the traffic jam, then we got ready for leaving to Jakarta. But the actual fact is the traffic was so smooth, then i realized that of course the track from bandung to jakarta was really quiet and another track which was jakarta to bandung was crowded yeaa as you know the visitor of bandung mostly from jakarta moreover the holiday. So that’s why i can’t stay longer in my city in holiday. If only my dad had no work i could probably ask him to go to abroad.

On the trip we got lost, my new driver not exactly know the routes but finally i could find the direction for the way out from my GPS on my phone. When we arrived there my cousin wasn’t at home she had work because she’s no longer school kid. All of my cousin are older than me even most had graduated but there are also a kid that in the same of my ages.

So.. on the first day we went to aeon mall it’s a newest mall in BSD area exactly in tanggerang it’s a japanesse mall, there were a lot of sushis and so much more that smell kind of japan things. I shoped school supplies and my mom buy some kitchen things at Muji, there are many cute stuffs. And then i had lunch at the food court on the ground floor i ate sushis and sashimis but first we had to queue up long in advance. I like sushi but not too much.

After we spent time in aeon mall we went to ikea near from aeon mall in alam sutera, tanggerang. Its the one and only ikea in Indonesia. It’s a swedish companny. When we arrived there we took a look on a couple homewares, some rooms and apartements inspirations it was so fun and i was about to buy a new house or redecorate my room. My mom bought shoes shelves and some ornamental flowers to decorate our house.

When the time had showed at 7 p.m, we had to eat something we were so hungry after we took a long walk. We ate swedish food in ikea it tasted great and unique. We went back to my cousin’s house at night.

The next day we had plan to visited our another relations and we gonna stay there for a couple days. There are another my cousins but these one is younger than i’d told ya.. And also they are the closest one with me. Their name are Syara and Zulfa. We held an event in the last seconds of 2015 ended. We invited orphans so we could prayed together and beged for forgiveness to god.

New Year’s Eve was comming i was not really excited because we had no plan about it and also we were too tired to go out. My mom and her older sisters already slept and me and my cousins were just laying on the bed and watched movie on tv and we enjoyed that. The movie was great. We watched interstellar on HBO. It’s about the seeking of the new planet to be stayed by people because the earth is not good anymore to be stayed. And too many teories about the space things. When the movie was end we got up from the bed and just did something to participate enliven New Year’s Eve. We made roasted corn which previously my cousin and i bought on the street. We stupidly forgot to buy charcoals. luckily there was a neighbor that sold charcoals so we bought some from them.

We spent NYE just eating our roasted corn and then the sekoteng seller just came up we immediately called him to buy it. So we just enjoyed the night. When the clock showed at 00.00 which meant it was 1st of our pages, the fireworks popping in those dark skies. As usual there was so stunning and  noisy. After it became calmer we dicided to get in house again because it was getting colder outside. After we satiffied with our little party we were so sleepy and wanted to lay on the bed then fall asleep.

The next morning we went to theme park in sentul, the theme park is called the jungle. It’s not the newest one but i’d never been there before. I went there with my cousins and had so much fun. But i could say that the theme park it’s not too cool if it’s compared with tsb and dufan.

The day before i went back to bandung we visited pacific place mall in scbd and had dinner at restaurant in kemang. The name of the restaurant is The Edge. It’s quite stunning the view of this restaurant are buildings because it’s on the rooftop and the tasted of the not too bad i meant xoxo.

Then the next day we went back to bandung safe and sound! In bandung we cleant up our house and prepared for school stuffs.




Hello guys! me and my friend, sabila just finished this stuff. it’s not too difficult actually. we hope it’s useful to increase your knowledge and also for pleasure. so let’s play it!






  1. what’s the synonym word of hapless?
  2. part of the human body contained or grown in the fingertips
  3. preposition which is used to show a certain time
  4. The third word of the abbreviation WWW
  5. … something is a song by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
  6. girls mostly want their belly become … =))
  7. people who ask
  8. means region or area
  9. one of the cardinal directions or compass points (the left one)
  10. feeling comfy
  11. what’s the antonym word of die?
  12. what’s food that is mostly liked by children, tastes sweet, and not good for the teeth health?
  13. what should you wear on your head when you’re overheat?
  14. what is the verb 2 from know?
  15. written art in which language is used for an aesthetic quality




  1. what’s fast food that contains ham/ beef, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese with breads?
  2. “where” is showed/ purposed to ask …
  3. cross the sea or travel with a boat, it can be also called as …
  4. in order not to forget what we want to bring when we’re packing for vacation we better make a …
  5. if we don’t know how to use something, first we should do is read the …book
  6. when we don’t have enough money to buy an AC we can buy … to make the room colder
  7. fondness/ most preferred
  8. what is it called with waiting for our turn while we line up?
  9. a group of yarns that are braided together into a stronger form
  10. feeling unhappy
  11. do you know it? yes i …
  12. not … means we haven’t finished something
  13. how old are you? is the question to ask …
  14. fake news

About School Life

Well.. my school life seems quite fine so far. i enjoy it. i make friends and try being friendly to people. my class is X IPA 1 and i feel so lucky to be one of them. my classmates have a high solidarity they are so delightful and of couerse diligent. so, it starts from entering the gate’s school in the morning, i wake up in my car, i usually get sleepy easily in the morning because of my sleep that get interrupted when my ears hit by sound of the alarm that usually rings at 5 o’clock and i’m not the type of person who gets up well sometimes i snooze my alarm and sleep again even though just for several minutes and then when i really get up i sit in my bed about a minute then go to bathroom and take a hot shower.. so funny it won’t make my eyes open wider and feel fresher if i always take a hot shower in the morning but at least i can do it faster without waiting for too long that i will ready taking a cold one. then i left for school and usually have breakfast in the car because i dont want to take a risk that im gonna be late for school. after i finish my breakfast i get sleepy on my way then i just sleep on the way to school. when i almost arrive i’m waked up by my sister. when i get out of the car sometimes my head feels a bit dizzy and heavy eyes. first, i greet my teachers who stand in the gate of school and walk to my class. the activities that we as a students do are mostly learn some subjects which have been scheduled but the first things before we start studying we should read our each holy book according to their religion. i’m as a muslim reads al-qur’an after that we sing our national anthem then we could start studying some subjects. we usually go home at 2.15 o’clock if there are not some additional lesson or extra curricular. i join additional lesson of history and english. i choose history because i like history, and i think history is fun and it can make me not stress and also i choose english because i like english and i want to leran more english and improve my english skill. i also join some exculs like sped, sef, mk and komisi why i choose sped because i want to learn public speaking i want to boost my self-esteem so i can appear bravely in front of many people, then sef, because i want to improve my english skill especially my speaking skill. i also join mk because i love playing music especially piano and guitar and then komisi, i want to learn bussiness. i think school is where you can learn everything not only academic but anything that you want to be able, that you want to be adept, it start from learning it. sometimes i feel tired and stressed about school but then i think that it’s fine if you want it, you work for it. sometimes i’m lazy and feeling kinda i don’t have to do these, and so much homeworks i have to do and then complaining. i think it’s normal. everyone ever feels it. but don’t be too long for being lazy i should find the solutions of it. but if im really tired or sleepy i just go to bed because it will be useless, i can’t think when my eyes are getting heavy and i dont want to fall asleep in my class so i rather go to bed and do my homeworks the next day at school.

Places Which Relate With Myself


Trans Studio Mall (TSM),  It’s a big mall that i can say i often visit there. because it’s near to my house


Mall again.. this is the second one mall that i often visit, Paris Van Java (PVJ). this one, i mostly hang out with my friends. i love shopping in this mall.


recently i spend a half of my day in this place, my school, SMA Negeri 3 Bandung.


this is my dearest class and my favorite people, my class buddies


places i want to work in, hospital me as a doctor or maybe i open my own clinic someday.